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Kuna FX Connect exchange rate service automatically imports up-to-date exchange rates to your Epicor ERP.

Getting Started

Service Creation

1) Navigate to the services page

2) In the top right-hand corner, click the "+ New" button

3) On the Create Service Page, click the Exchange Rate square


Kuna will walk you through a service configuration wizard. Configure each parameter, clicking 'Next' on each section until complete. The detailed description of what each parameter is can be found below.

Section Label Description
Service Name A friendly name to remember the service by
Service ERP Connection The ERP connection the service should send data to
Configuration Company The Epicor Company the exchange rates are a part of
Configuration Rate Type The Epicor Rate Type Code
Configuration Entry Person The Epicor user that should get credit for inputting the rates
Configuration Effective Date Delta The date plus delta the rates should effective. Always works off now. So for example, if you had a delta of +1, Date.now + 1 = tomorrow
Configuration Schedule The schedule this service should run on
Source Rate Source The source of the currency exchange rates (ex: European Central Bank, Oanda.com, ect.)
API Key API Key Your API Key for the selected source (only applicable to some sources)
Currencies Requested Rates The currency codes of the rates that should be sent to your ERP
Email Email Email addresses (comma separated) to send email notifications to when the services has completed a run

Manual Run & Test

After configuring your service, you can manually run the service by clicking the 'Run' button in the upper right-hand corner of the service page.

Use the "cron" link to translate the schedule showed inside the details pane and get a view of how your service has been set up.


Kuna FX Connect will now automatically send up-to-date exchange rates to your ERP! 

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected] or create a ticket.

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